It's frustrating when you have to wait in all day for a delivery - you don't know where your parcel is, you can't get hold of the delivery company and you were promised a morning delivery slot... your day is hugely inconvenienced and you feel you've wasted your day being housebound.

The 'Right Time, Right Place' is a new campaign created to raise awareness amongst haemophilia patients, and parents of children living with the condition, about the importance of using the right home delivery service for their needs, to improve quality of life.

To find out more watch the video on our homepage.

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Right Time, Right Place

Read more about our new campaign to highlight how important home delivery is to haemophilia patients...

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Follow our parents as they share day-to-day experiences of living with haemophilia.

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About Haemophilia

Having haemophilia means your blood cannot clot properly. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't mean you are liable to bleed to death from a minor cut, neither would you bleed faster than other people if you get injured. You can, however, bleed for longer. Although bleeding can be from cuts or grazes on the skin, most bleeding that occurs is internal, into muscles and joints.