What about alcohol?

If you do drink alcohol, drink sensibly and in moderation!

Remember that hepatitis affects the liver’s ability to deal with alcohol and infection with HCV or HBV means that even the standard recommendations about consumption are excessive, therefore specific advice should be sought from your Haemophilia Centre.

It is recommended that:
• Men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol a day
• Women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day

The number of units in your drink will depend on its strength (or its alcohol content) and the size of the drink.

Here are some examples:


- 25ml of spirits (A standard, single pub measure) = 1 unit
- 125ml (small glass) of wine (ABV 12%) = 1.5 units
- A (440ml) can of lager, beer or cider (ABV 5%) = 2 units

Drinking more than recommended can have adverse effects on your health. Alcohol is also high in calories and you are more likely to fall and injure yourself if you have consumed excess alcohol.