Relationships & Starting a Family

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Relationships and Starting a Family


It is natural to worry about how and when to tell a new partner about your haemophilia and how they may react. Itís worth remembering though that good relationships are based on truth, openness and understanding of each other.

You might want to think about giving your partner some time to get to know you first. This will allow them to see that you can live as full a life as anyone else. Bear in mind though that your partner may feel hurt if you leave it too long before telling them. Only you can judge when the time is right.

Of course, your partner has a right to know if you have HIV, hepatitis or other sexually transmissible diseases, before you have sexual relations.

Do remember that if your partner likes you before they know you have haemophilia, they will still like you after they find out. When telling a partner, the important thing is to educate them about the condition and reassure them that it is manageable, not contagious and, with appropriate treatment, neither life-threatening nor limiting.