Keeping Active

Exercising at home

You don’t have to join a gym to feel the benefit of an exercise regime. For instance, think about how often you could walk during the day. Below are some ideas to get you moving and building your strength and stamina through everyday activities.

Walk the kids to school – and speed walk home. Walk to work or the train station. Can you walk faster? Leave the car at home and get walking. Get off the bus a stop earlier and walk home. Borrow a dog and take it for a hilly walk.

Remember to walk fast enough to get your heart beating quickly

There are lots of opportunities around the house:
• Get in the garden – mow the grass!
• Attack the housework with increased vigour.
• Put on some music and dance along.
• Clean the car – inside and out.
• Put on your favourite music and get warmed up by dancing round the house.
• Run up the stairs (and hit the stairs when you are out and about, at the shops or at work and try to avoid using the lift!)

And if you prefer the idea of a more formal exercise routine there are numerous DVDs to choose from to suit all abilities. Just remember that before you start it is important that you warm up to get the blood flowing and reduce your risk of injuries. Always check with your Centre or specialist haemophilia physiotherapist before making any sudden change to an exercise routine.