Managing Pain

Heat and cold

Cold therapy is the standard support treatment for active bleeds and is also useful to reduce swelling due to other injuries. This can also help some people with chronic joint pain and muscle aches however, some people find that heat works better.

Bear in mind that heat could make an active joint bleed worse or cause a recently resolved bleed to start again. If in doubt, check with your Centre.

Here are some methods you could try:
Cold can help reduce swelling and lessen muscle spasm. Buy a cold pack at the chemist, or you could wrap a damp cloth around a bag of frozen vegetables. Do not keep it on too long, or you might get cold burns and never use heat or cold on any area of the body for more than 15-20 minutes. Also, do not use cold packs if you have poor circulation.
A warm bath or a hot shower.
Heated pads applied to certain painful areas.
An electric blanket to alleviate morning stiffness.
A hot water bottle wrapped in a towel.