Keeping Active

Keeping your joints safe

Exercise should be fun, so the best way to get started is to choose an activity you enjoy. But make sure it is also safe for your ability level.

Remember, before you start it is vital that you talk with your doctor or haemophilia centre. They know your individual circumstances and will be able to advise you on what sports are right for you.

Warming up properly, stretching and warming down are key and form an important part of any exercise routine.

Movement and regular exercise of the joints helps to keep them fully mobile. Added joint support is achieved by strengthening the surrounding muscles.

It may be wise, particularly at first, to do your exercises on the day you infuse your factor, for a bit of extra protection.

It is always best for anyone who starts a new exercise regimen to heed any advice given by their Centre and to start slowly and build up over two or three months to reduce the likelihood of muscle strain or bleeds.