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This website is intended for carers and patients living with haemophilia.

living with inhibitors

Inhibitor Group

What is it?

The Inhibitor Group (IG), set up in 2004, is run under the umbrella of the UK Haemophilia Society. However, you do not need to belong to the Haemophilia Society to be involved with the group. The IG is for anyone who has ever had an inhibitor and for those affected by acquired haemophilia. The membership includes people living with inhibitors and those who have been affected in the past, their parents, partners and family members, as well as interested healthcare professionals.

How can it help?

The aim of the IG is to provide a friendly and informal opportunity to discuss all issues associated with inhibitors, and to share knowledge and experience.

The group holds meetings at least twice a year, which are free to attend, and they also publish regular newsletters and provide up-to-date information on their website. The three year programme includes residential weekends, developing inhibitor information on the Young Bloods website and support for organising holidays. The group is designed to help people find out what is happening in the world of inhibitors, and to gain valuable support from others in a similar situation.

For more information visit the Inhibitor Group website (please click here for more information). Alternatively, information about the IG may also be obtained from your Haemophilia Centre.