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This website is intended for carers and patients living with haemophilia.

Living with Haemophilia Real Lives - Read about other peopleís experiences living with haemophilia. Read more... Professional View - Read about the role of haemophilia specialists. Read more... Active Lifestyle - Advice for staying healthy and enjoying exercise. Read more...

Leading your own life

The right treatment and recognising what therapy works best for you is only half the story with haemophilia. Realising that although there may be limitations on some physical activities, it is important that you, your family and friends see that living with this condition doesnít mean you canít lead a normal and active life.

Read what patients and health professionals have to say about the realities of daily life with haemophilia. You might see something of yourself in their experiences and attitudes or it might open up new horizons in your approach to living with haemophilia.