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This website is intended for carers and patients living with haemophilia.

Haemophilia and Treatment


What does on-demand mean?

In people with mild or moderate haemophilia and some people with severe haemophilia, treatment can be given at the time a bleed occurs, known as on-demand therapy.

If you are treating bleeds on-demand, it is essential to act promptly and according to your doctor's instructions. Delay in treatment too can be damaging. The sooner the bleed is stopped, the less damage to the joint. Learning to identify a bleed early is critical to reducing the risk of joint damage. For more information on how to recognise a bleed, please click here.

What are the advantages?

The advantage of on-demand therapy is that you may not need to infuse regularly as you do with prophylaxis treatment.

Are there any drawbacks to on-demand?

An on-demand approach concentrates on the treatment of bleeds once they have already occurred rather than prevention of bleeding.

Watch our clip below to see what happens when someone with haemophilia experiences a joint bleed.